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новые мемы

Так и будет

 Так бывает иногда

 Это действительно больно

 Это просто никогда не был прав

 Это правда

 Просто купи телефон

 Правосудие для магазина


 Сохраняя это ясным

 Оставь парня в покое.

 Позволь мне получить наличные

 Давайте читать комментарии!

 Давай умрем

 Сделайте промозглые мемы снова великолепными

 Сделайте вариант 6 снова великолепным

 Сделать стол мемом

 Имеет смысл

 Мама, OwOwOwO

 Master Oofway bout to yeet into the afterlife


 Messing with usually harmless objects or animals and ending up hurt memes. What's the value

 Miss the good old days

 My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

 My god, this is beautiful

 My grandma still goes out to care for the birds even in this -50 windchill MN weather

 My time has come memes are on the rise. Buy QUICK!

 N word pass

 Neo-marxism ia a dangerous tool, Saruman

 New original format, invest now for profit!

 Nibbas don’t even have a pen

 Nine year old reposters

 no more see either for u bitch

 Not fresh

 Nothing like a big mac to end the night

 Now it makes sense

 Now that's a lotta damage

 Now try to steal this!

 Off to gulag

 On the Preponderance of Asking for It

 Only pussies play on recruit

 Outstanding move


 Peeing with a boner is harder than giving birth

 Powerful enough

 Practicing sign language

 Pretty much this right here.

 Pro tip

 Reposts are everywhere

 Rest in peace little one..

 Rip in there's nothing here

 Roses are red, alert next of kin

 Roses are red, I like the safari

 Roses are red, i planted a seed

 Roses are red, I'm really annoyed

 Screeches internally

 season greetings

 Seriously, frick YT Rewind '18

 Sharing a blanket on a chilly night

 Shrek setting gender dysphoria straight.

 Sick Beats.

 Sin in every way.

 Smh my head kids these days

 smh ny head

 Somewhere on earth 356

 Speech 100

 Still better than waking with a hangover


 Super soldiers

 That's just communism with extra steps

 That's not the right way

 That's that.

 The best version of this format to date

 The I'm always mildly unlucky starter pack

 The pirates would have wanted it to turn out like this

 The worst crime...

 The worst of feelings

 There must always be a lich king

 these are facts

 They finna get crushed

 They hold society together

 Things you hated as a kid but enjoy now starter pack

 This doesn't make sense guys

 This is beyond science

 This is So sad

 This is what a true American hero looks like

 This make sense

 This new meme sucks

 Three movies worth of content but we just use one quote

 Times have changed

 Today is a good day.

 Today is the only day you can upvote this.

 Today, we shall cry in unison.

 True story bro

 Trust me im a scientist

 U infidel

 Underutilized Stefan meme!! INVEST NOW!

 Versatile, INVEST!

 We are definitely superior to the others

 we miss you…

 We must eradicate all normies

 Welcome to life

 Welcome to Russia comrade!

 Welcome to the 16th century

 Well, that's not so good

 What have I made

 What is wrong with you

 What the heck even is a fortnie

 While you collect diamonds, I collect pearls


 Не могли бы вы убрать свою комнату

 Да, позволь мне просто купить этого парня, с которым я встречаюсь в подарок за 37 тысяч фунтов, и не просить его о помощи!

 Да это на самом деле вниз

 Да пожалуйста

 Ты мое солнце

 Вы сделали то, что с его собакой

 Вы знаете, я должен был сделать это с ними

 ВАШЕ время пришло